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Do you have friends, acquaintances, or family members living in Switzerland who would benefit from becoming Telio customers?

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Remember - for every successful recommendation you will receive 10% discount on your monthly fee!

1 friend = 10% discount on your monthly fees
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This discount applies each month as long as your friends are Telio customers.



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What your friends should know about Telio

From only CHF 24.95 per month:

  • FREE unlimited calls to fixed lines in Switzerland
  • FREE unlimited calls to fixed lines in over 40 countries
  • FREE call minutes to over 150 destinations abroad
  • FREE customer service and many FREE features
  • 0.19 CHF per minute to mobiles in Switzerland

How do I refer a Friend?

1. Tell your friends about the benefits of being a Telio customer, and send them the link to www.telio.ch so they can see for themselves.

2. Your friends have to place their order online at www.telio.ch, and they have to sign up for a 12-month contract.

3. Your friends have to register your Telio telephone number in the field marked “Referral” when they place the order on the order pages.

Your friends are more than welcome to contact Telio Customer Service at 022 514 00 00 if they need help placing their order, or if they have other questions.

Tell your friends to sign up for Telio today!