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Telio - highly recommended

“Telio (...) is easy to install and offers good call quality”

PCtipp, March 2010

PCtipp, Switzerland’s best selling and most widely known computer magazine, gave Telio an excellent rating after testing our services.

Read the whole review here: pctipp_März 2010_Telio

Excellent quality

The IP telephony from Telio is very reliable. This is reflected in consumer surveys conducted in Norway, where our customers report that they are very happy with the quality of our services. 9 out of 10 are so satisfied with our services that they happily recommend Telio to friends and acquaintances.

With IP-to-IP calls Telio can apply technology that may improve the sound quality substantially, and give you a more rewarding communication experience than regular telephony can offer you. However, broadband telephony requires that both your Internet connection and your equipment are working properly in order for the services to function 100 %.

At Telio we strive to keep all our customers satisfied, and we work hard to provide you with exciting products and exceptional customer service.

Simple and predictable

We believe in simple and predictable services, with no unexpected surprises. At Telio we offer you affordable fixed monthly rates, and prices that allow the average Telio customer to make nine out of ten calls without additional charges.


Our philosophy is to keep our customers so happy that they will never consider leaving us for another provider. Since we are convinced our customers will stay with us voluntarily, we have chosen not to operate with time specific contracts, but rather offer this as an alternative, leaving the choice up to you.

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