About Telio

Telio aims to make the phrase per minute cost obsolete!

[Telio]... it’s just pure VoIP built by sharp people who really understand the technology -
- Jon Arnold, Industry Analyst, May 2005

Telio is a leading European provider of access independent broadband telephone services. The Telio Group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has operations in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Pure IP to IP communications falls outside the regulatory framework covering traditional telecommunication services (e-com services) in several countries in Europe. As a result, the Telio Group has chosen, like other international operators such as Skype and FWD, to deliver pure IP to IP communication and interconnect with traditional telecom networks as two separate services. Telio IP Services BV is part of the Telio Group, and delivers solutions for pure IP to IP communication and certain content services, while interconnect is delivered by national, registered telecom operators as a separate service. In Switzerland, interconnect is delivered by Telio Telecom (Schweiz) AG, a registered Swiss supplier of telephony services.

Telio’s solutions and products have been developed by our highly skilled staff of engineers, who are at the global forefront in the field of IP communication. Our technical experts are widely experienced in this field, have been involved in the design and implementation of some of the largest telecom networks used for IP telephony in the world today.

We are looking forward to showing you what modern communication services can and should be able to offer you in the new millennium!