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What are the different types of porting?

We can offer these types of porting to our customers:

Early full porting
In the case of an early full porting we will cancel the client’s subscription with the previous provider before the end of the contract. This enables the client to use Telio right away, although he might have to pay early cancellation fees/penalty charges and/or his monthly fees until the end of his contract with the previous provider.

This type of porting only makes sense for customers who are aware of the penalty charges and accept to incur any expenses that arise from the early cancellation with the previous provider.

Normal full porting
The client’s subscription with the previous provider is cancelled by Telio and the number will be transferred after expiry of the contract. The customer needs to indicate the exact end-date of his contract with his previous provider on the porting form.

No penalty charges arise and the client only pays CHF 20.- for each number to be ported. He receives a temporary number until the porting has been completed.

This type of porting is recommended for cable-internet clients (internet via TV-outlet). It is only recommended for ADSL clients if they plan to switch to cable-internet.

Please note:

  • Authorizing Telio to port your number results in cancellation of the connection with your previous provider. Please take the respective cancellation periods into consideration.
  • Please do not cancel the subscription with your previous provider on your own. This will result in losing your number, which will make a number porting impossible.

Partial porting
By choosing partial porting, the number can be ported to Telio without cancelling the connection with the previous provider. This type of porting makes sense for ADSL clients, because ADSL only works with a Swisscom/Sunrise fixnet line.

Partial porting is applicable for almost all clients; however in this case, the client has to cancel his contract with the previous provider on his own. This type of porting is beneficial to clients who want to be able to transfer their number to Telio as soon as possible (avoiding penalty charges).

Partial porting is not possible for clients with a fixed-line connection without ADSL signal (eg. Fix-line with Swisscom, internet with Cablecom).

You can find the porting form here.