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Can I keep my existing telephone number?

Yes. You can keep your existing telephone number even if you decide to cancel your current subscription and sign up with another provider (for example Telio). If you decide to switch to Telio, we will do all the work connected with the number porting for you, as long as you provide us with all the necessary information on the number porting form. Please note that you will lose your internet connection with your current provider if you apply for full porting (this is only the case if you are an ADSL customer).

Telio charges CHF 20.- per telephone number you transfer. However, from the time the order is placed until the number porting is completed you will get a temporary telephone number for free.

Please note that the Telio subscription must be registered to the same person listed with your current provider. Your current subscription also needs to be active and registered as a residential subscription in order for the number porting to succeed.

In order to complete the porting, your Telio adapter must be connected to the internet. It can take up to 14 days until the porting is accomplished.

Please note: Don't cancel your existing telephone connection if you want to keep your number. We will handle this for you.

You can find the number porting form here.