Gigaset C530 IP - Incredibly good sound

The Gigaset C530 IP is a cordless phone with sound second to none, extremely good coverage and a number of useful extra functions.

Long battery life

Good coverage radius

Unmatched HD sound

Superb cordless phone

The Gigaset C530 IP is the phone for those that want flexibility: a cordless IP phone with extremely good coverage and unmatched sound, even when used hands-free.

Some of the advantages of the Gigaset C530 IP:

  • You get a cordless phone with unbeatable HD sound
  • You don’t need your own telephony adapter
  • The coverage radius is extremely good (320 h Standby / 14h Talktime)
  • The coverage radius is extremely good.
  • ECO DECT: energy-saving and radiation-free
  • Practical on-line services, such as the latest news and weather in your city
  • Two-way baby monitor
  • 1.8-inch TFT colour display (128x160 pixels)
  • Headset connector

The Gigaset C530 IP is simple to set up and extremely easy to use. It is activated automatically on connection to the Internet and is ready for calls after about one minute.

The base has a range of 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors, though walls, blinds, leaded windows and so on may reduce the range.

The phone features a number of useful extras such as weather reports, news and a dictionary. Being kind to the environment as well is just an added bonus.